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MPS Army Foundation

Help us make a difference and end this rare disorder, known as MPS, in animals. 

MPS creates amazing and adorable animals, but creates a serious disorder as well. It is so important to make a world where animals do not have to experience this pain. Where they do not have to be afraid to breath. 

MPS is a genetic disorder that can be prevented and eradicated. It is up to us to help make that happen. If families test their animals and spay/neuter the animals that carry the gene, it will never be passed down. MPS Army helps to make that happen by providing free MPS tests to families and breeders alike. By providing these tests, we can limit the amount of pain in the world that these poor animals experience. 

We already have a handful of breeders on hold who are looking to test their dogs to make sure they are MPS free. This fundraiser will allow us to provide free testing kits for them! 

Thank you for your love and support in helping us make a better world for animals. One that is free of the MPS gene and the pain that comes along with it. 

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