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J.B. Dondolo's Hospital Hope

Hello Friends! We're raising funds for a very special cause. There are two ways you can help: 1. Shop our online store filled with 1500+ amazing items -- we’ll receive 40% of every purchase! 2. Share our fundraiser with your friends + family by posting it to Facebook + Twitter. Igusi Hospital project was founded by the late J.B. Dondolo when he visited the hospital (really a clinic) and saw that it needed basic necessities to serve the community. ​ ​He talked a lot about the maternity unit and lack of delivery beds. He described the hospital condition as “disturbing”. Out of his love and willingness to help, he made the decision to rebuild the hospital. He managed to get the electricity installed out of the little money he earned from selling crops from his farm. Due to illness, he put the project on hold but communicated his desire to complete it. There is more work to be done. We would like to finish what he started. Igusi Hospital is really a small clinic at Igusi that is run like a hospital but with limited resources. Our goal is to renovate and extend the existing clinic so that it truly becomes a functional hospital. Using the divide and conquer approach, we broke the project into smaller, manageable pieces. Our priority project in getting started is renovating the hospital. We need to start with ensuring a clean water supply is available for the hospital. Your donation will help meet our goal of raising funds to renovate the plumbing. Your show of support will make all the difference... Thank you!

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