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Dental Outreach Program

Hello Friends! A Message from Lisa: I’m raising funds for a very special cause and need your help to attain my goal. The goal is to help with dental costs for low-middle class families who cannot afford dental insurance or have insurance and high deductible or gap in costs between getting needed services. Most dental plans only cover some of the expenses of critically needed services. Even families on assistance are now being asked to pay for anesthesia as that is not a covered expense anymore but a very needed service. If you donate any place this year, I hope that you will help me, to help others who need help. Dental work is very expensive and with current times as they are -it is hard to afford for many people and dental care has become a luxury that many cannot afford. Dental health effects a persons overall health and the goal is to help low income families have good dental emergency health without providing a hardship on their monthly expenses. If you donate to anything this year, help families who need critical dental work. You can buy magazines, flowers, Jewelry, gift certificates and much more. Please help if you can. You also can purchase or renew subscriptions to your favorite magazines (like People, All You, TIME and Sports Illustrated) at up to 85% off, or enjoy exclusive offers on Restaurant.com eCertificates. Each time you make a purchase, I’ll receive up to 40%. You can also support me by sharing this page and spreading the word to friends and family. This cause is based in Kitsap County WA, but we are hoping to help everywhere in the US as donations permit. We would also like to connect with dentists who are willing to donate discounted services to people in need. Please email me at lisaj1967@gmail.com or feel free to donate. Thank You!

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