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$100 Restaurant Cards

$100 Restaurant Cards

We suggest a minimum sales goal of 7 cards per participant. Offer big savings on dining out with Restaurant.com Cards. Supporters pay just $20 for a $100 card!


Your pay/card: $10.00 You sell/card: $20.00

$10 per card

Cards are redeemable online for use at thousands of restaurants nationwide.

10 $100 $200 50%
  • Min. order 10 cards
  • Min. 5 business days

Ready to start?

Fundraiser Details

How a Restaurant Card Fundraiser Works

Ordering: Call us toll free at 1.800.561.8388 to ask your questions, confirm product details and place your order. If you prefer, you may also shop online. The average group orders 7 cards per fundraising participant.

Payment: Accepted payment methods are: Major credit cards; checks; checks by phone; certified checks; money orders or credit terms to schools issuing valid purchase orders.

Shipping: Allow a minimum of 5 business days for delivery of cards once order is placed and payment is received. Please note that unredeemed cards can only be refunded within 90 days of purchase and shipping charges may apply when returning unredeemed cards.

In The Meantime: Spread word to your fundraising participants and prospective supporters about your upcoming fundraiser! You might consider issuing flyers, hanging posters, sending emails or posting on your website, Facebook profile or other social channels.

Though we make every effort to keep our site content accurate, products, pricing, promotions, packaging or brochures may change without notice. It’s always best to speak with one of our Fundraising Consultants to confirm all details before launching your campaign.

Perfect for groups Youth, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Fraternities, Sororities, Sports, Athletics, Cheer, Music, Band, Non-Profit, Charity, Church, Religious, Spiritual.

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