Ever wonder where the proceeds from magazine sales go? Every year thousands of Kappa Deltas purchase, sell and renew magazines to benefit the Sorority's Chapter House Fund, established at the 1919 Convention by forward-thinking national officers Marion Day Mullins and Rebecca Smith Lee. They were attuned to the fact that post-war college-enrollment boom and resulting campus housing shortages were going to make sorority houses the wave of the future. How prescient they were!

There has been increasing demand on the Chapter House Fund as universities build Greek Villages which require some, often a hefty, capital investment by the sororities and fraternities. Kappa Delta's successful extension efforts require housing from the start on many campuses and existing chapter houses need to be retrofitted with essential safety features such as fire sprinklers and security systems. Chapter House Fund loans have made it possible for many chapter house corporations to make their facilities safer and more secure, larger and more comfortable and fresher-looking and more beautiful. Tangential benefits of increased member recruitment and retention success are noted as well.

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