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Big Cat Rescue

Help Big Cat Rescue save a liger and two tigers who have been abandoned. Your magazine subscription really helps and you get great low prices too!

David Mallory, founder of the now defunct Cougar Haven, took in many of the Catherine Twiss' cats back in 1996. Catherine Twiss was convicted of 73 charges of animal abuse in 1996, when dozens of her big cats were sold in a bankruptcy sale. In Defense of Animals originally helped rescue the Twiss cats and sent them to three locations in MS including Cedar Hill and Cougar Haven. 

According to Animal Underworld Twiss went right back to collecting cats. Mallory took care of them for many years but like so many well intentioned people, he was not able to afford their care and could not find public support. He gave up and moved away in May of 2008. 

Only a former employee name Rita continues to drop in on the last three cats to give them chicken and water. The water has been shut off for nonpayment, so she had to bypass the water valve to get water to the cats. Most of the time there is no human supervision so it is a disaster waiting to happen.

The cats left behind are a 15 y/o liger named Freckles, a 14 y/o tigress named Cookie, and a 12 y/o male tiger named Alex. All are described as good natured. The liger has a sore under her jaw that Rita thinks could be an abscessed tooth. She may be the oldest liger to ever survive as they often die young of congenital birth defects.

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